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Access to Beaches Act$10
Accommodation Tax Act$25
Acts and Regulations (Printing of False Copies) Act$10
Administration of Estates by Consular Officers Act$10
Administration of Insolvent Estates Act$10
Aliens Land Holding Regulation Act$25
Exemption to Anguilla Electricity Company Limited (1991) Regulations$0
Exemption to Bank of America National Trust and Savings Association (1968) Regulations$0
Exemption to Bank of Nova Scotia (1989) Regulations$0
Exemption to Barclays Finance Corporation of the Leeward and Windward Islands Limited (1976) Regulat$0
Exemption to B.M. Moreau and Cable and Wireless Ltd (1973) Regulations$0
Exemption to Commonwealth Development Corporation (1991) Regulations$0
Exemption to Meads Bay Hideaway Condominium Ltd. (2000) Regulations$0
Exemption to Overseas Private Investment Corporation (1988) Regulations$0
Exemption to Barclays Bank D.C.O. (2001) Regulations$0
Exemption to Scotiabank Anguilla Limited (2001) Regulations$0
Exemption for Trading in Securities Regulations$0
Anguilla Belonger Commission Act$25
Anguilla Foundations Regulations$40
Anguilla Belonger Commission Regulations$0
Anguilla Foundation Act$40
Anguilla National Trust Act$25
Anguilla National Trust Regulations$0
Anguilla Survey Act$10
Animals (Diseases and Importation) Act$40
Amblyomma Variegatum, Heartwater and Dermatophilosis Regulations$0
Animals (Importation) Control Regulations$0
Foot and Mouth Disease Regulations$0
Infected Areas Declaration Order$0
Powers of Inspector Regulations$0
Antibiotics and Therapeutic Substances Act$25
Antibiotics and Therapeutic Substances Regulations$0
Arbitration Act$10
Auctioneers Act$10
Banking Act$40
Disclosures in Statements of Accounts Regulations$0
Licence Fee Regulations$0
National Bank of Anguilla Offshore Banking Business Regulations$0
Banking (Abandoned Property) Regulations$0
Banking (Capital Adequacy and Capital Ratios) Regulations $0
Bankruptcy Act$40
Bankruptcy General Rules$0
Beach Control Act$10
Beach Protection Act$10
Beach Protection Orders$0
Bills of Exchange Act$25
Bills of Lading Act$10
Bills of Sale Act$10
Boat Licensing Act$10
British Ministers and Consuls Act$10
British Nationality (Fees, Offences and Penalties) Act$10
Building Act$25
Building Regulations$0
Building Fees Regulations$25
Caribbean Development Bank Act$25
Caribbean Examination Council Act$25
Carriage of Goods by Sea Act$10
Child Abduction and Custody Act$25
Child Abduction and Custody Regulations$0
Co-operative Societies Act$25
Co-operative Societies Rules$0
Companies Act$40
Companies Regulations$0
Model General By-Laws Regulations$0
Companies Registry Act$25
Company Management Act$25
Company Management Fees Regulations$0
Company Management Regulations$0
Condominium Act$25
Condominium Regulations$0
Confidential Relationships Act$10
Consular Conventions Act$10
Consular Conventions Order$0
Contempt of Court Act$10
Control of Employment Act$25
Work Permit Regulations$0
Copyright Act$25
Corporate Bodies Contracts Act$10
Courts of Justice Fees Act$25
High Court Fees (Bankruptcy and Matrimonial Proceedings) Regulations$0
Magistrates Court Fees Regulations$0
High Court Fees (Civil, Admiralty and Other Proceedings) Regulations$0
Criminal Code$40
Criminal Justice (International Co-operation)(Anguilla) Act$25
Criminal Procedure (Committal for Sentence) Act$10
Criminal Procedure Act$25
Crown Proceedings Act$25
Cruising Permit Act$25
Cruising Permit Regulations$0
Customs Act$40
Arrival and Departure of Aircraft (Unloading and Loading of Goods) Regulations$0
Arrival and Departure of Vessels (Unloading and Loading of Goods) Regulations$0
Customs (Overtime Fees) Regulations$0
Customs (Ports and Airports) Regulations$0
Customs (Warehouse Fees) Regulations$0
Pleasure Craft Regulations$0
Customs Duty (Exemption) on Goods Temporarily Imported (David Bannister) Regulations$0
Customs (Declaration Form) Regulations$0
Customs(Currency Report) Regulations$0
Warehousing Regulations$0
Customs Administrative Costs Recovery Act$10
Customs Duties (Dumping and Subsidies) Act$10
Customs (Service Charge) Act$10
Dependent Adults Act$10
Dependent Adults Regulations$0
Diplomatic Privileges (Extension) Act$40
Food and Agriculture Organisation Order$0
International Civil Aviation Organisation Order$0
International Labour Organisation Order$0
International Refugee Organisation Order$0
International Telecommunication Union Order$0
United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation Order$0
United Nations and International Court of Justice Order$0
Universal Postal Union Order$0
World Health Organisation Order$0
World Meteorological Organisation Order$0
Disaster Management Act$25
Dogs Act$25
Drugs Trafficking Offences Act (Designated Countries and Territories) Order$0
Education Act$40
Private Schools Regulations$0
School Hours Regulations$0
Elections Act$40
Election Registration Regulations$0
House of Assembly Elections Regulations$0
[Repealed] $0
Qualifying Date Regulations$0
Qualifying Date Regulations$0
[Repealed] $0
Period for the Preparation of Preliminary List of Voters Regulations$0
Appointed Date for the Coming Into Force of Registers of Voters Regulations$0
Electricity Act $40
Anglec Exemption Regulations$0
Electricity (Rates and Charges) Regulations$0
Electricity Supply Regulations$0
Electricity (Environmental Levy) Regulations$0
Electronic Transactions Act$25
Embarkation Tax Act $25
Embarkation Tax Regulations$0
Emergency Powers Act$10
Employment of Children (Restriction) Act $10
Employment of Women, Young Persons and Children Act$10
Essential Services Act $10
Evidence Act$25
Exportation of Fruit Act $25
Exportation of Fruit Regulations$0
Factories Act$25
Fair Labour Standards Act$25
Financial Services Commission Act$40
Financial Services Enactments Regulations$0
Fisheries Protection Act$40
Fisheries Protection Regulations$0
Foreign Judgments (Reciprocal Enforcement) Act$25
Forfeited Recognizances Act$10
Fraudulent Dispositions Act$10
Friendly Societies Act$25
Friendly Societies Regulations$0
Geographical Indications Act$25
Geographical Indications Regulations$0
Higher Education Licensing Act$25
Higher Education Licensing Regulations$0
Hotels Aid Act$25
Hotels Aid Regulations$0
Immigration and Passport Act$40
Appointment of Place of Detention Regulations$0
Immigration and Passport Regulations$0
Permanent Residence Permit Regulations$0
Persons Who Are Not Prohibited Immigrants Regulations$0
Prohibited Aliens Orders$0
Industrial Designs Act$10
Industrial Designs Regulations$0
Insurance Act$40
Insurance Regulations$0
International Business Companies Act$40
International Business Companies Regulations$0
Model General By-Laws Regulations$0
Custody of Bearer Shares Regulations$0
Interperetation and General Causes Act$25
Intestates Estates Act$10
Jet Ski Prohibition Act$10
Judgments Act$10
Labour Department Act$25
Land Acquisition Act$25
Land Development (Control) Act$25
Declaration of Special Development Area (Maundays Bay) Regulations$0
Land Development (Control) Regulations$0
Law of Property (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act$10
Law Reform (Illegitimacy) Act$10
Layout-Designs (Topographies) of Integrated Circuits Act$25
Layout-Designs (Topographies) of Integrated Circuits Act Regulations$0
Legitimacy Act$25
Legitimation Rules$0
Re-registration of Births (Legitimated Persons) Regulations$0
Letters of Administration and Probate Act$10
Libel and Slander Act$10
Limitation Act$25
Limited Liability Company Act$40
Limited Liability Company Regulations$0
Limited Partnership Act$25
Limited Partnership Rules$0
Liquor Licenses Act$25
Liquor Licenses Fees Regulations$0
Lotteries Act$25
Lotteries Regulation$0
Magistrate's Code of Procedure Act$40
Magistrates Code of Procedure Rules$0
Magistrates Code of Procedure (Crown Proceedings) Rules$0
Magistrates Court Place and Time of Sittings Regulations$0
Maintenance of Children Act$10
Maintenance Orders (Collection Act)$10
Maintenance Orders (Reciprocal Enforcement) Act$25
Declaration of Reciprocating States Regulations$0
Marine Insurance Act$25
Marriage (Prohibited Degrees of Relationship) Act$10
Marriage Act$25
Marriage (Fees) Regulations$0
Marriage of British Subjects (Facilities) Act$10
Married Women's Property Act$25
Matrimonial Proceedings and Property Act$25
Mental Health Act$40
Mental Health Regulations$0
Mercantile Law Amendment Act$10
Merchant Seamen's Discipline Act$10
Merchant Shipping Act$40
Registration of Ships Regulations$0
Ship and Port Facility Security Regulations$0
Small Commercial Vessels Regulations$40
Minerals Vesting Act$25
Minerals (Prospecting License) Regulations$0
Motor Vehicles Insurance (Third Party Risks) Act$25
Motor Vehicles Insurance (Third Party Risks) Rules$0
Mutual Funds Act$25
Mutual Funds Regulations$0
Mutual Legal Assistance (Tax Matters) Act$25
Mutual Legal Assistance (United States of America) Act$10
Netting Act$10
Partnership Act$25
Patents Act$25
Patents Regulations$0
Probates (Resealing) Act$10
Probation of Offenders Act$10
Protected Cell Companies Act$25
Protected Cell Companies Regulations$0
Public Entertainments Tax Act$25
Public Lotteries Tax Act$25
Public Service Commission Act$25
Public Service Commission Regulations$0
Public Service Integrity Board Act$10
Quarantine Act$40
Pest Prevention Regulations$0
Quarantine (Air) Regulations$0
Quarantine (Maritime) Regulations$40
Radioactive Minerals Act$10
Real Representative Act$10
Receivers of Wreck Act$25
Reciprocal Enforcement of Judgments Act$10
Reciprocal Enforcement of Judgments Regulations$0
Recovery of Rent Act$25
Recovery of Rent Rules$0
Registered Land Act$40
Registered Land Rules$0
Registration of Births, Deaths and Marriages Act$25
Registration of Births, Deaths and Marriages Fees Regulations$0
Rewards for Apprehension of Criminals Act$10
Uncertified Securites Regulations$0
Foreign Securities and Intermediaries Regulations$0
Securities Act$40
Accounting and Financial Statements Regulations$0
Advertisements Regulations$0
Collective Investment Schemes Regulations$0
Conduct of Business Regulations$0
Continuing Disclosure Obligations of Issuers Regulations$0
Discipline Regulations$0
Licence and Fee Regulations$0
Prospectus Regulations$0
Securities (Minimum Capital Requirements Regulations)$0
Settled Estates Act$25
Small Tenements Act$25
Social Security Act$40
Benefits Regulations$0
Contributions Regulations$0
Decisions and Appeals Regulations$0
Financial and Accounting Regulations$0
Modifications of Insurance and Voluntary Contributions Regulations$0
Registration of Employers and Employees Regulations$0
Non-Contributory Old Age Pension Regulations$0
Self Employed Persons Regulations$0
Stamp Act$25
Stamp Vendors Order$0
Stamp (Cheques) Order$0
Statutory Declarations Act$10
Telecommunications Act$40
Telecommunications Administrative Procedure Regulations$0
Telecommunications and Frequency Licensing Regulations$0
Telecommunications Frequency Management Regulations$0
Telecommunications Interconnection and Access to Facilities Regulations$0
Telecommunications Numbering Regulations$0
Telecommunications Pricing Regulations$0
Telecommunication Spectrum Fee Regulations$0
Universal Service and Public Telecommunications Regulations$0
License Fee Regulations$0
Repealed] License Fee Regulations$0
Trademarks Act$40
Trademarks Regulations$0
Trades, Business, Occupations and Professions Licensing Act$25
Trust Companies and Offshore Banking Act$40
Trust Companies and Offshore Banking Regulations$0
Trust Companies and Offshore Banking Fees Regulations$0
Regulations Trust Companies and Offshore Banking Fees Regulations Prohibition of Licensing of Shell $0
Trust Company Probate and Administration Act$10
Trusts Act$40
Trusts Fees Regulations$0
Unrepresented Estates Act$25
Validation of (Overseas) Decree of Divorce Act$10
Valuation and Rating Act$25
Valuation Regulations$25
Rating Order$0
Vehicles and Road Traffic Act$40
Fixed Penalty Forms and Procedures Regulations$0
Licensing of Taxicabs and Taxi Drivers Regulations$0
Safety Helmets Regulations$0
Vehicles and Road Traffic Regulations$0
Passenger Fares Regulations$0
Villa Rental Business Regulation Act$25
Wills Act$25
Workmen's Compensation Act$40
Application of Section 25(1) of the Act to other Employments Regulations$0
Prescribed Diseases Regulations$0
Workmens's Compensation Regulations$0